Cajas de Madera al por Mayor

Wholesale Wooden Boxes

Wholesale Wood Boxes or Bulk Packaging are the Low Cost Solution for any Wood Packaging need for quantities of 5 boxes or more Units. The biggest benefit to shipping is the LOW COST of packaging. INDEX What are the Boxes...
Palets de Madera a Medida en Miami

Custom Wood Pallets in Miami

They are not pallets of Commercial Measures, they are Pallets of Measures and Shapes in accordance with the requirements of a shipment of SINGULAR shapes and characteristics due to their Weight, Shape. INDEX What is a Pallet and what is an Unloading Platform (Skid) Benefits of Pallets and Skids...
Embalajes con Cajas de Madera Cerradas.

Packaging with Closed Wooden Boxes.

Closed Wooden Crates are HERMETICALLY SEALED, adding an Exceptional Level of Security to your shipment. The CLOSED Wooden Boxes or Crates are designed to Facilitate the Handling and PROTECTION of Merchandise during the process...