All Kinds of Wood Packaging

Closed Wooden Crates


Closed Boxes are hermetically sealed and are designed to Protect, Ease Handling and Secure your shipments Before, During and After transportation or storage.

We build these boxes according to the specifications of your shipment.

They may be:

  • Small Medium, Large or Giant,
  • One Unit, Tens, Hundreds or Thousands…

There are no limits.

Wooden Cages for Packaging

Guacales de madera

Wooden Crates or open boxes are COST effective for shipments over 100 cubic feet in volume.

The more volume, the better cost benefits.

These types of boxes are ideal for items that do not require too much security, but rather an easy way to handle and stack one on top of the other.

Wooden Platforms (in containers)


Plataformas de madera dentro de contenedores

These wooden platforms are built inside cargo containers of 20, 40 or more feet long, one or more floors can be added inside.

The platforms:

  • They maximize the use of the space available inside the container, which lowers the cost of transportation.
  • They allow heavy items such as photocopiers to be loaded.

Wholesale Wood Carpentry and Boxes


cajas de madera en grandes cantidades

It is your best option in Industrial Packaging or for Exporters and Wholesalers:

  • Boxes and Carpentry in quantities greater than 5 units can reach VERY convenient prices.
  • Prices can improve even more than 50% of unit price.
  • Service at the customer's facilities or at ours.

Available anywhere in the continental United States

Wooden Packaging for Trade Shows


Cajas de madera para ferias comercio

Displaying your products at Trade Shows requires boxes that will last for multiple trips and be able to withstand the rigors of transportation.

 These boxes are Designed and Built according to the specifications of your products and are adapted to their specific needs.

Participating in your next Fair will no longer be a nightmare.

 Custom Wood Pallets


paletas de maderas a medida


These are Pallets or Wooden Bases of special measures NOT COMMERCIAL measures, they are specifically designed for the measures, weight and shape that your shipment requires.

Wooden Bases or Pallets facilitate the handling of items that do not require crates or any other type of protection.

A single pallet or you want, Crating Express takes care of it.


Wooden Cradles for Packaging


Cunas de madera para embalage

Wooden CRADLES are bases designed to stabilize specially shaped objects that cannot travel safely on a pallet.

Examples of shipments that require stabilization on a pallet or in a box are:

Boats, Metal Cable Reels, Metal Pipes, Heavy Industrial Parts, Aircraft Parts and Parts, etc.