ISPM 15 International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures for the use of wood in international trade packaging. Wood is a material commonly used in the manufacture of packaging for international trade. However, the use of wood can be...

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Cajas de Madera al por Mayor

Wholesale Wooden Boxes

Wholesale Wood Boxes or Bulk Packaging are the Low Cost Solution for any Wood Packaging need for quantities of 5 boxes or more Units. The biggest benefit to shipping is the LOW COST of packaging. INDEX What are the Boxes...

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Palets de Madera a Medida en Miami

Custom Wood Pallets in Miami

They are not pallets of Commercial Measures, they are Pallets of Measures and Shapes in accordance with the requirements of a shipment of SINGULAR shapes and characteristics due to their Weight, Shape. INDEX What is a Pallet and what is an Unloading Platform (Skid) Benefits of Pallets and Skids...

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Embalajes con Cajas de Madera Cerradas.

Packaging with Closed Wooden Boxes.

Closed Wooden Crates are HERMETICALLY SEALED, adding an Exceptional Level of Security to your shipment. The CLOSED Wooden Boxes or Crates are designed to Facilitate the Handling and PROTECTION of Merchandise during the process...

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Jaulas de madera

Wooden Cages

Wooden Cages for Packaging: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Shipping Needs If you're in the business of shipping large or bulky items, you know how expensive it can be to package them securely. Closed boxes are often the go-to solution, but have you considered wooden cages? Not only are they cheaper, but...

Cajas de madera abiertas personalizadas

Advantages of Custom Open Wood Crates

Proporcionamos cajas abiertas personalizadas a Agentes de Carga - Transportistas, mayoristas, fabricantes y almacenes en el sur de Florida. Como propietario de un negocio, comprende la importancia de proporcionar productos y servicios de calidad a sus clientes. Cuando...

7 Tipos de Embalaje De Madera para Exportaci├│n

7 Types of Wood Packaging for Export

If your business involves elements of the supply chain, you will probably find valuable information in this article. From your reading you will refresh or better inform yourself of the following: Transportation is not always careful. The wooden packaging...

Jaulas de Madera Para Embalaje

Wooden Cages for Packaging

Packaging with Wooden Cages will make you save a lot, especially in those shipments of volumes greater than 100 cubic feet, and greater volume greater savings.

Cunas De Madera Para Embalaje y Transporte

Wooden Cradles for Packaging and Transport

Wooden Cradles can accommodate a boat inside a container, or accommodate heavy equipment in special ways for Packing, Transportation or to be stored properly. INDEX What are Wooden Cradles for Packing or Storage? Uses of the Cradles of...

Plataformas de Madera en Contenedores

Wooden Platforms in Containers

The Wooden Platforms inside Containers allow Maximizing the Use of the space inside the container. INDEX What are Wooden Platforms inside Containers? Benefits of Wooden Platforms inside Containers. Most common uses...

ISPM 15 Embalajes de Madera para exportaci├│n.

ISPM 15 Wood Packaging for export.

Every day we build wooden packaging that has to do with ISPM15. The reason is that International Trade regulations between more than 150 countries around the world require the USE OF TREATED WOOD in the construction of Wood Packaging, which...

Embalajes de Madera para Transportar Motocicletas.

Wooden Packaging to Transport Motorcycles.

Do you need to get that beautiful machine to another place?, another country for example?, the Encased with Wood is a Solution Specifically designed to get your Motorcycle to its destination, under what conditions?, what does it depend on if it arrives well? East...

50%+ de Descuento, Pregunta C├│mo?

50%+ Discount, Question How?

Discounts of more than 50% in our already low prices, is it possible? Yes, it is, we team up with our clients' staff, so it's crucial for us to keep costs low, as low as possible. Starting with our low prices,...

Cajas de Madera Para Ferias y Muestras Comerciales

Wooden Boxes for Fairs and Trade Shows

Building Wooden Boxes for Trade Shows is a true Art, because they are Designed and Built to LAST during multiple shipments, for many times and even when they suffer some damage they can be easily repaired. INDEX Benefits of Wooden Boxes...