Crating Express



cratingexpress was established in South Florida in January 2000, by Marc CARPENTER*. We provide services to Exporters, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Storage Services Companies, etc.

We specialize in services of Custom carpentry and customer specifications:

  • Wooden Boxes (Open or Closed),
  • Platforms and Carpentry Inside Containers,
  • Boxes Wholesale and for Industrial Requirements,
  • pallets and cribs Special for items of particular shapes,
  • All kinds of packaging and Carpentry with Certified Wood.

Additionally, we do services of Packaging, Repackaging, Cardboard Wrapping, Foam, Bubble Wrap, Stretch Wrap, Foam, etc.

All the wood we use in  cratingexpress is Certified and Treated for International Trade that complies with the Regulation ISMP 15.

We have faith in the future of our nation and we work to ensure that what America exports reaches its destination in perfect condition...

*Marc Carpenter is Marc DeSOTO's Alter Ego.




We believe that our Wood Packaging Services serve the purpose of delivering (or storing) products in Perfect Condition. 

That is why we DO NOT HESITATE to do more than what is expected from a Boxed Service, so that our clients' products arrive in excellent conditions at their destination.

Our Core Values


  1. Excellence in service.
  2. Provide Real ADVANTAGES WITHOUT Greater Cost.
  3. Deliveries on time and with quality beyond what is expected Quality / Price.
  4. The Real Client is the most important thing for us.
  5. We deeply want our client to be successful. Your success is ours...


Integrate our services of Boxed with Wood to the Modern Supply Chain and Bring our services to ALL the territories of the American Union and Europe.


In cratingexpress We provide appropriate, quality and timely solutions in Packaging and Carpentry with wood at a fair price, whether you are located inside or outside of South Florida. (We can take our services anywhere within the American Union)

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