The boxes wooden packaging closed they are HERMETICALLY SEALED, which adds an Exceptional Level of Security to your shipment.

The CLOSED Wooden Boxes or Crates are designed to Facilitate the Handling and PROTECTION of Merchandise during the Transportation or Storage process.

When small, large or extra large, delicate, light or heavy weight and low medium or high value items must be moved, this is the appropriate box if you require Protection and Security for your shipment.

The CLOSED BOXES in Crating Express are Manufactured to the Measure of the requirements of your shipment and with Certified Wood for Export.


Elements that make up the Closed Boxes: 

  • Top
  • sides 
  • pallet 
  • Materials:
    • Solid Wood ISPM 15 Certified, for the Frames of the sides or for the LEGS of the pallets.
    • Plywood

Scope of protection of wooden packaging boxes

Eliminate or minimize damage from

  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Flattening.
  • rain or water
  • Theft of Parts
  • Sun and wind.
  • Garbage and dust from the environment.
  • Bad postures.
  • Etc.

Most common uses of Closed Wooden Boxes.


 Packaging for Photocopying Equipment, Printing, Medical Equipment, High Technology Equipment, etc.

  • They are Crates designed with REINFORCED Bases or Pallets to withstand heavy WEIGHT and the rigors of Handling and Transportation.
  • The Boxes can be made in our Warehouse or in the Customer's Warehouse.
  • We have other materials available for additional protection such as Bubble Wrap, Cardboard, Foam, etc.

Packaging for High-Value Art, Antiques, Paintings, Chandeliers, Sculptures, High-Value Electronic Systems, Collectibles, etc: 

  • They are boxes built to measure and according to the needs of the Art in question. 
  • The service INCLUDES the Preparation and Packing appropriate for the trip or Storage before the boxing.
  • We have Available Placement Service, Pick up and Delivery of your works of Art.
  • Materials Available for Additional Protection (Internally) are: Release Paper (Recommended for Oil Paintings on Canvas), Packing Paper, Cardboard, Foam, etc.  

Packaging for Equipment and Industrial Machinery.

  • They are Drawers designed according to the Measurements, Shapes, Weight, etc, of Industrial Equipment or Machinery.  
  • Additionally, we designed the interior of the drawer, to ensure zero internal movement of the shipment.
  • The Packing Service can be performed in our Warehouse or in the customer's Warehouse.

Packaging for Granite, Marble or Similar Heavy Slabs.

  • They are Crates designed with REINFORCED Bases or Pallets to withstand the weight of the slabs, as well as Interior Wood Elements to prevent the slabs from moving.
  • The crating is in the client's Warehouse.
  • We have available materials for additional protection such as Foam, Cardboard, Nylon Ties, etc.


The Closed Wooden Crates are the ideal solution for Goods Handling and PROTECTION purposes during their transport.

They are designed and built according to the requirements of the product (Shape, Weight, Measurements) and the client.

Your next shipment could require an exceptional level of Security, and at Crating Express IT DOESN'T COST MORE...