Safely and appropriately carry that beautiful Memory, or that painting with a painting that inspires you and fixes your day. Or move from one place to another a complete collection of Art, be it Paintings, Sculptures, Antiques, etc. It starts with packaging, and packaging is what we do every day.

Professional Packaging, with Wood and the most appropriate materials for the protection of valuable art elements.

Proper Packaging


A wooden box is the protective element that can provide security against the inclemency of transport but the object must be properly prepared.


Professional Packaging


Some objects of course do not require any preparation, but others do, especially oil paints or art with delicate surfaces.

Do you have an old painting that you need to preserve? then the packaging must include Non-stick Paper (The paper that is in contact with the paint must be Non-stick).

Additionally, you could consider wrapping paper, cardboard or styrofoam sheets to isolate the paint from and cushion bumps or sudden movements during transport.

Encajonado con Madera.

Once the object is prepared then it is time to fit it. Wood is the noble element par excellence for this type of packaging.

Wood Dublin 24 provides appropriate protection against shocks, humidity, heat, sudden movements, etc. at the same time that it facilitates the handling of the object during transport.

This type of Packaging includes the service observing the Best Practices of the Industry and doing this does not have to be expensive.

This service is adjusted to the client’s budget.


Customized Solutions.


Usually the quantity works in favor of the client, the higher the quantity the lower the price.

Preparation only?

Wood Crates only?

Delivery only?

Whatever your requirement, it is possible to attend to it professionally, we can take care of all or part of what you require


Certified wood for international packaging::

Use a specialized service in packaging for International Trade.

There are International Regulations to control that a Pest travels from one country to another through wood packaging,

For this reason there is the ISPM15 regulation, check Packaging companies must be CERTIFIED to perform this type of service and the use of wood that is not treated according to Regulation ISPM-15, for packaging in international trade, is returned to the port of shipment.



Your Art shipments travel safer in wooden packaging, but if it is Delicate Art, it will always require preparation before putting it in a wooden box.

Hire a professional packaging service, it does not cost more and has a Cost Benefit that will give you many satisfactions.

Wooden packaging for art paintings.
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