The packaging with wooden cages, will make you save a lot, especially in those shipments of volumes greater than 100 cubic feet, and higher volume greater savings …



What are and  what are the Wooden Cages made of?

The wooden CAGES allow to see what is inside them, and this is an advantage when some detail of the shipment must be verified during the transportation process. For example some Identification Number, especially when it comes to vehicles.

The wooden cages facilitate the handling of goods and allow some protection of goods and safe cleaning products during the transport or storage process.

The main material used in the construction of these boxes is SOLID WOOD, although Plywood is also used for the pallet platform.

For International Shipments, Cages must be made with TREATED and Certified Wood for Exportation.

Why use Wooden Cages in packaging?

  • The main reason is the Significant Savings in the cost of boxing since this type of packaging is much cheaper than the packaging with Closed Boxes.
  • The items to be transported in Cages are those that will not suffer damages by elements of the environment (Dust, Wind, Water). Although it is also possible to prepare additional evidence and to cover the boarding with appropriate plastic or nylon protection.
  • The merchandise is generally of Great Volume.

When you need to transport relatively large or Extra Large items, this is the Box of your choice.

How do they protect the Wooden Cages?. 

Eliminate or Minimize Damage by:

  • Flattening.
  • Bad postures.
  • Poor handling in the loading and unloading ports.
  • etc.

Most common uses of Wooden Cages.

Boxing of Large Volume Equipment without loose pieces or loose ones.


Wood Cages are an ideal solution for GREAT savings in packaging costs, especially if the shipment is of volumes greater than 100 cubic feet and to more volume better savings.