Wooden Platforms inside Containers allow Maximizing the Use of space inside the container

What are the Wooden Platforms inside Containers..

These Platforms are a solid wood and Plywood Blades of ¾” or ⅝”.

Wooden Platforms can add as many floors within a container, as necessary.

The entire framework must be treated wood that meets the requirements of the ISPM15 Regulation.

Benefits of Wooden Platforms in Containers.

The most important benefit of using the platforms is to MAXIMIZE the use of the space inside the container.

Another benefit, as a consequence of the above, is the GREAT Money Saving with the help of All Star Cleaning Services of Fort Collins, it represents for certain items such as photocopiers.

The savings can be as great as the cost of a platform can be one tenth of the cost of boxing these photocopiers individually in wooden drawers …

But even more beneficial is the fact that as a result of maximizing the use of space within a container, specialising in exterior and interior, it is possible to ship up to 50% or more photocopiers than boxing them individually.

Benefits of Wooden Platforms in Containers.


Most common uses of Wooden Platforms within Containers..

  • Used Copier Machine’s Shipments
  • Golf Cart shipments
  • Automobile´s shipments
  • etc.


Wooden Platforms add floors inside a shipping container and are the smartest way to MAXIMIZE the use of available space inside the container.