Building wooden boxes for commercial fairs is a true art, because they are designed and built to last for multiple shipments, for many times and even when they suffer some damage can  be repaired.

Benefits of the Trade Show Shipping Wooden Crates.

They are Reusable and last for a long time

They are REUSABLE Wooden Boxes, and are generally designed and built for the rigors of Transportation for long time and multiple trips, but even more, after used and if they suffer any damage these boxes can still be repaired and reused.

They are safe

These boxes are HERMETICALLY CLOSED and can be secured with appropriate Locks, Hinges and Locks.

They are easy to manipulate.

The bases of the Wooden Boxes for Samples and Trade Fairs with RESISTANT construction, allow the manipulation by the 4 sides with a Pallet Jack or a Fork Lift, in addition, special WHEELS can be installed for a better AUTONOMY in the manipulation of the crate..

Eliminate or Minimize Damages by:

  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Flattening.
  • Rain or water.
  • Theft of pieces.
  • Sun and wind.
  • Garbage and dust of the environment.
  • Bad postures
  • Etc.


Main Options

Ramps or Doors:

One of the sides can be conditioned to serve as a Ramp and at the same time DOOR if the boarding or your Trade Show Booth has wheels…

Internal Shelving.

The internal shelf that you need to accommodate the special Items for your your Trade Show Booth

Cradles and ratcheting tie downs..

The Cradles are Customized Designed and secured with ratcheting tie downs

Internal cushioning of the box

Cushioning with special materials: Styrofoam, Plastic Foam, etc.

Internal Carpet

The box can be TOTAL or Partially lined internally to better protect your shipment. ….

Special Window

Do you need to show any part of your boarding ?, Pass some inspection trough the, These windows are the Ideal ….


The wheels facilitate the autonomy of movement of the Box, which is very necessary inside the venues of the fairs…


The Trade Show Shipping Wooden Crates are DURABLE AND an ECONOMICAL solution for the purposes of Manipulation and PROTECTION of Goods during their transport for MULTIPLE TRAVEL.

Your next Trade Fair will not be a nightmare with the Wooden Boxes for Commercial Samples.