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Superior Service – Low Prices

In the following content the words Crating Express, Cratingexpress, Cratingexpress.com, CE, us, us, etc, refer to Crating Express, which is a personalized service of carpentry and packaging made with wood for exporters, wholesalers, storages, etc. Which are adjusted to the measures and needs of each client in particular.

Crating Express is owned by Kabendish Corporation, a company registered in the state of Florida, USA.

We make Packages of Wood, Cardboard, Special Papers (Non-stick), Foam, Styrofoam, Bubbles and Elastic Wraps of Plastic, Woodwork with Wood, Platforms in Containers According to the Measures and Specifications of the Client, and Solve Problems related to Packaging for All Types of Transport , Manipulation and Storage of Goods.

Fair prices

Crating Express provides a packaging service at FAIR PRICES. The customer can order a quote as follows:

  • By email to cratingexpress01@gmail.com.
  • Through our website.

Validity of Quotes.

  1. Quotes are only valid up to 7 days of delivery to the customer.
  2. A quote can be valid beyond 7 days, only if the customer pays it in the period described, even if it requires delivery for a later date.
  3. A quote is only valid for the details described in it.
  4. Quotes with reference to prices x cubic with a view to subsequent orders, are only valid as a general reference.
    1. It could be applied to the future situation that the client raises but it also could not apply and will depend on the circumstances present at the time of confirming an order.
    2. The circumstances that can vary a quote are diverse and beyond the raison d’être of our service: Custom Service (Measurements and particulars of a shipment)).
    3. Which means a measure and particular details of a current shipment, not a measure and particular details of something that we do not know because it belongs to the future, especially beyond 7 days. Except:
      1. Quotes from Crates and / or Wholesale Services, in which neither the measures nor the details of the shipment vary substantially..

Service guarantee

CE services are GUARANTEED. The guarantee is effective under the following conditions:

  1. All ordered jobs are treated with the MAXIMUM priority and carried out with the best possible quality / price.
  2. The delivery in time and form is our best guarantee of service.
  3. All services have to be ordered and confirmed by e-mail.
  4. What CE guarantees:
    1. That the work is done according to the measures provided or according to the measures taken by CE.
    2. The wood used is treated wood according to the specifications of the ISPM 15 standard.
    3. That the work is done in time and form according to how the client ordered it.
  5. The proof of having received the work under the agreed conditions is the signature of the client or of an employee of the client in the document of receipt of the work.
  6. Even when CE does everything possible to deliver an order in the best possible conditions regarding the quality of the materials used, the quality of the work carried out (the boxes, for example, are produced to withstand regular handling conditions), quality of service, etc. . CE can not guarantee that the work done will arrive in good condition at its destination since that depends on the handling conditions that it suffers after the service is delivered. Therefore, we do not make any charge for INSURANCE or guarantee related to the conditions that the packaged shipment may have when arriving at its destination.

Use of treated wood (ISPM 15 Standard)

  • CE uses TREATED wood according to the specifications of the ISPM 15 standard that has been established for packaging with wood in international trade.
  • CE certifies (in writing, at the customer’s request) and prints a TREATED Wood Certification Seal, on all the services we produce using wood


Service orders

Service orders are preferable by e-mail. You can also do them on our website or by phone at 786 547 6649.

Each order of service is particular and EXCLUSIVE of the person who orders it. When we receive an order, we understand that it is a firm request, that there is seriousness on the part of the client and that he knows what he is ordering in terms of the measures he provides, form, time and place of delivery, etc.

Crating Express is not responsible for erroneous measures provided by the customer and the agreed price MUST be assumed by the customer if the materials have been cut for their order in the measures provided, whether they are wrong or not. Upon receiving an order, CE immediately proceeds to carry it out.

Unless the client specifies, Crating Express develops the services related to wooden boxes in its workshop, located at 9306 NW 13th St #4 Miami FL 33172.

We deliver the orders developed for delivery to the place where the client specifies, without additional charge. This means that the wooden boxes are taken to the customer ready to assemble only, which may take between 5 and 20 minutes per box.

If the payment is not received (on time) and all collection possibilities have been exhausted through an arrangement between the client and us, if we had to go to other instances to claim payment for our services, the client commits to :

To recognize a right of $ 1000 for the loss of time in claims less than $ 1000.
Pay all costs of attorney and court in case we finally had the reason to make our claim.

Cancellation of an order

An order can be canceled:

  • If the order has been given in writing.
  • If the cancellation is ordered in writing within 10 minutes of being given.
  • When the customer pays the order.

Additional charges, for:

  •  – Calls in False.  
    • The customer calls us to make the platform of a Container, we arrived but the container is not and even waiting 20 minutes tolerance, the container does not arrive the client agrees to pay $ 45 for the wait of each hour or fraction.
    • The client calls us to order a crate, he gives us the measurements, we make the crate but when arriving at the delivery address, the client announces that he no longer wants the crate. However, due to these service conditions, the client agrees to pay the crate that he ordered even if he does not want it anymore. We will leave the crete on your door or in your dumpster..
  • – Delays:
    • Operators and agents of CE, arrive at the customer’s address at the scheduled time, but if the client for some reason is not ready for us to do the work. We can wait up to 20 minutes free of charge. After that time there is a charge of $ 45 for each hour of waiting ordered by the client.
  • – Sales Tax.
    • All sales are affected by 7% sales tax in the state of Florida. However, we can withdraw this tax if the client gives us a Resale Certificate, also called a Tax Exemption Certificate.
    • If you do not have this Certificate Obtaining it is easy, it can be done online In Floridarevenue
  •  – Wrong measures given by the client
    • If the measurements are incorrect between 1 and 3 inches and can be arranged there without returning to the workshop, the minimum amount is $ 30 or $ 20 per side (If the deficiency is for more than 1 side).
    • If the measurements are wrong by more than 3 inches but not more than 8 and can be fixed without returning to the workshop, the minimum charge is $ 50 or $ 30 per side.
    • If the wrong measurements are for more than 8 inches, we have to make a new crate, the customer has to pay the crate with the wrong measures.
  • – Additional Unforeseen jobs: 
    • If the need arises for additional work IDENTICAL to the schedule for another service, the charge will be similarly IDENTICAL to the one previously negotiated.
    • The above is valid for services scheduled for service hours (Example, assistance – with Carpentry Services – filling containers). If the scheduled hours of the day were not enough, for causes not attributable to our service, and you have to return to continue with the service on another day and for hours similar to the previous day, the charge will be EQUAL to the schedule for similar hours of service .
    • The Minimum Fee is $ 60
  • – Return to the delivery address. Minimum charge $ 60
    • Return to open the crate because the client forgot something
    • Return Because the client was not available to do the work (After waiting more than 20 minutes)..
  •  – Checks Returned for Lack of Funds:
    • The customer has to pay the Bank Charges plus $ 25.00

Services in our Workshop:

Conditions of service.

1- Price: You have to establish or had to establish the price of the service through the email cratingexpress@gmail.com

2- Responsibility: Kabendish Corp /DBA Cratingexpress, hereinafter ‘’The packer” will make the Order of the client according to the  standards and the best practices of the wood packing industry and /or according to the specifications, Measures and the elements of Additional Protection that the client has contracted via email cratingexpress01@gmail.com or that are specified in this order.

The client is Responsible for declaration / Description of goods provided in this document or by email, the packer can only write down the Number of Items received 

in any event, the packer will be liable until the 50% of the value of the paid quotation 

3- Deadlines

      A. The client Must [ay this Order before picking it up 

      B.  The pickup Must be no more than 2 days after the date of this document, the packer in this situation will not include any             additional charges 

     C. At the erd day and after packer will apply the following  charge:  in $20 and Out: $20 and storge feeds 

4- Storage and Storage and Storage Fees 

      A- Storage of $10 for every Crate x day 

      B- The Storage Must be Paid every monday in order to continue in the storage.

5- Abandonment: After 10 days if the client does not withdraw his merchandise or his merchandise that is already boxed, and without giving any instructions about this order or nor paying for storage the client authorizes to the packer for this document and without any other authorizations, to declare the Merchandise and / or crates IN ABANDONMENT and dispose of them without any subsequent claim by the client.

The commitment of Crating Express

Terms and Conditions
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