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Superior Service – Low Prices

In the following content, the words Crating Express, Cratingexpress,, CE, nos, us, etc, refer to Crating Express, which is a personalized woodworking and packaging service for exporters, wholesalers, warehouses, etc. Which are adjusted to the measurements and needs of each particular client.

Crating Express is operated by Satara Inc., a company registered in the state of Florida, USA.

We make Wood Packaging, Cardboard, Special Papers (Non-stick), Foam, Styrofoam, Bubbles and Elastic Plastic Wraps, Carpentry with Wood, Platforms in Containers According to the Measurements and Specifications of the Client, and We Solve Problems related to Packaging for All Types of Transport , Handling and Storage of Goods.

Crating Express provides a packaging service at Low PRICES, we understand that we are part of a supply chain in which cost plays a very important role, that is why it is our commitment to maintain Low Prices, On-Time Service and Great Quality.

The client can order a quote or estimates in the following way:

  • By email to
  • Via our website.
  • By phone for coordination of deliveries, but the details of the order MUST be in a quote sent by mail and accepted by the same means.

Validity of Quotes.

  1. Quotes are only valid up to 3 days after delivery to the client.
  2. A quote can be valid beyond 3 days, only if the client pays it within the period described, even if delivery is required for a later date.
  3. A quote is only valid for the details described in it.
  4. The quotes with reference to prices x cubic capacity with a view to subsequent orders, are only valid as a general reference.

Service guarantee

CE services are GUARANTEED. The guarantee is effective under the following conditions:

  1. All the ordered works are treated with the MAXIMUM priority and carried out with the best possible quality/price.
  2. Delivery in a timely manner is our best guarantee of service.
  3. All services have to be ordered and confirmed by e-mail.
  4. What CE guarantees:
    1. That the work is done according to the measures provided or according to the measures taken by CE.
    2. That the wood used is wood treated according to the specifications of the ISPM 15 standard.
    3. That the work is carried out in the time and form according to the description in the accepted quote.
  5. The proof of having received the work in the agreed conditions is the signature of the client or an employee of the client on the document of acceptance of the work.
  6. Even when CE does everything possible to deliver an order in the best possible conditions regarding the quality of the materials used, the quality of the work performed (the boxes, for example, are produced to withstand regular handling conditions), the quality of the service, etc. . CE cannot guarantee that the work carried out will arrive in good condition at its destination, since this depends on the handling conditions that it suffers after the service is delivered. Therefore, we do not make any charge for INSURANCE or guarantee related to the conditions that the packaged shipment may have upon arrival at its destination.

We use Certified Wood for International Shipping Packaging (ISPM 15 Standard)

  • CE uses TREATED/Fumigated wood according to the specifications of the ISPM 15 standard that has been established for packaging with wood in international trade.
  • CE certifies (in writing, at the request of the client) and prints a Seal of Certification of TREATED Wood, in all the services that we produce using wood.

Service orders

Payment for our services is Advance payment, COD (Check on delivery), or some accounts are allowed to pay 15 days after the order is delivered. It is the reason why our prices are low.

If for any reason it is not possible to collect the COD payment for our services at the time of delivery of the order, the client MUST send the payment by Regular Mail or pay it digitally as soon as possible or within the period agreed with the client or in no more than 15 days of delivery of the service. 

In case the Client does not pay on time for the service provided, after 15 days of non-payment, the client agrees to pay a surcharge of 30% on the value of the Invoice. If we have to go to court to collect the debt, the client agrees to pay a surcharge of 100% of the value of the invoice, plus ALL collection costs that may apply.

 Cancellation of an order

An order can be cancelled:

  •  If the order has been given in writing.
  •  If the annulment is ordered in writing within 10 minutes of being given.
  •  When the customer pays the order.

 Additional Charges, for:

  •  – calls in False.  
    • The client Orders a Quote by email or calls us to order a crate, gives us the measurements, we make the crate but upon arrival at the delivery address, the client notifies that he no longer wants the crate. However, by these terms of service, the customer agrees to pay for the crate he ordered even if he no longer wants it. We will leave the crate at your door or in your trash can or if we have to store the crate the client, for these conditions, agrees to pay the following charges:– El Valor cotizado del crate.– El Delivery y el Retorno del crate a nuestro taller.

      – El storage* of the crate at a rate of $10 for each day.

      *The Storage will only be for 15 calendar days; After 15 days, the client authorizes Crating Express to dispose of the crate(s) by the means it deems appropriate.

  • – Delays:
    • CE operators and agents arrive at the client’s address at the scheduled time, but if the client for some reason is not ready for us to do the work. We can wait up to 20 minutes free of charge. After that time there is a charge of $ 45 for each hour or fraction of waiting ordered by the client.
  • – Sales Tax.
    • All sales are subject to 7% sales tax of the state of Florida. However, we can withdraw said tax if the client gives us a Resale Certificate, also called Tax Exemption Certificate.
    • If you do not have this Certificate Obtaining it is easy, it can be done online At Floridarevenue
  •  -Wrong measurements given by the client
    • If the measurements are off by 1 to 2 inches and can be fixed on the spot without having to return to the shop, the Minimum Charge is $30 or $20 per side (If the deficiency is on more than 1 side).
    • If the measurements are off by more than 1 but not more than 3 inches and it can be fixed without returning to the shop, the minimum charge is $ 50 or $ 30 per side.
    • If the wrong measurements are more than 3 inches on ONE SIDE and it is not possible to fix it on the fly, we have to Return to the shop and the customer will have to accept a charge of $ 149.
    • If the wrong measurements are more than 3 inches on both sides (Length and Width or Length and Height or even more Length, Width and Height), we have to make a new crate, the customer has to pay for the crate made with the wrong measurements and the new crate with the correct measurements.
  • – Unforeseen Additional Work:
    • If the need arises for additional work IDENTICAL to the one scheduled for another service, the charge will be equally IDENTICAL to the one previously negotiated.
    • The foregoing is valid for services scheduled by hours of service (For example, assistance – with Carpentry Services – in filling containers). If the hours of the scheduled day were not enough, for reasons not attributable to our service, and you have to return to continue with the service on another day and for hours Similar to the previous day, the charge will be the same as that scheduled for similar hours of service .
    • The Minimum Charge is $ 60
  • – Return the address of delivery. Minimum Charge $ 60
    • Return to open the crate because the client forgot something
    • Return Because the client was not available to do the work (After waiting more than 20 minutes).
    • Return to take measures after attending the first time. Going to take measurements once is FREE, but the second time is not.
  •  – Cheques Devueltos por  Falta de Fondos:
    • Satara Inc. will apply a charge of $ 50.00 for returned Checks. 
  • – Additional Features:
    • Employment of Fork Lift and/or extra helper(s): We can handle packages up to 150 pounds at no additional cost. Weights greater than your shipment during packing require the help of a Fork Lift and/or the help of an additional person. If neither a helping hand to handle weights greater than 150 pounds nor a Fork Lift is available in your warehouse, please let us know in advance, we can bring an additional helper for $199 and/or A Fork Lift for $450 until your order is complete.

Services in our Workshop:

Conditions of service.

1-Price: You must establish or had to establish the price of the service through the email
2- Responsibility: Satara Inc. / DBA Cratingexpress, hereinafter «The packer» will carry out the client’s Order according to the standards and best practices of the wood packaging industry and / or according to the specifications, Measurements and Additional Protection elements that the client has contracted through the email or that are specified in the Accepted Quotation.
The customer is responsible of the declaration / description of the goods provided for packing. Our work only consists of encasing with wood.
A. The customer has to pay the order before picking it up
b. The maximum term that an order can be finished is 5 business days after the notice that it has been finished and is ready to be picked up by the customer.
4-Storage and Storage Fees If the client does not withdraw his order within the period stipulated in 2.B; The following charges will apply:
A. Entrance of each skid or Pallet $ 20 and Exit of each Crate or Skid $ 20
b. Storage of $ 10 per box x day
 c. Storage is only for 15 calendar days
5-Abandoned: After 15 calendar days of storage, if the client does not pick up their merchandise or their merchandise already boxed, and without giving instructions about their order or paying for storage, the client authorizes CE by this document and without any other authorization, Declare the Merchandise and/or ABANDONED boxes and dispose of them without subsequent demand by the client.

These terms and conditions may change without notice.




The Crating Express Commitment