Wooden cradles can accommodate a boat in a container, or accommodate heavy equipment of special forms for Packaging, Transportation or to be properly stored.

What are Shipping Cradles?

Shipping Cradles are elements that get a free quote, constructed with the unique form of special items, irregular shapes, usually heavy-weight Industrial equipment, Industrial Metal Cables, Boats so they can fit in a container, etc.

Wooden Cradles make shipments of Unique Forms transported safely.

Uses of wooden cradles for shipments.

  • To put a boat 9 feet wide inside a Container of only 8 feet.
  • To Seat Giant Crankshafts, Engines, Aircraft Wings, etc., on a platform http://www.howellsac.com/, where these elements travel SAFELY to their destination.
  • To ensure that any element uniquely travels appropriately and arrives in good shape at its destination.

Use of ISPM 15 Certified Wood for Shipping Cradles

All the wood used in the Export Packaging, MUST be Treated Wood that meets the requirements of the ISPM 15 regulation, in addition check dust and mop site, it MUST show a seal that certifies it.

Shipments that do not use Treated Wood run the risk of being RETURNED to the port of origin.


Shipping Cradles are designed and produced to stabilize shipments of SINGULAR shapes, weight and size, inside a box or on a pallet in order to facilitate transport or storage.