Products and Services

Closed Wooden Crates



Closed Crates are Hermetically sealed and are designed to protect, facilitate handling and secure your shipments before, during and after transport or storage.

We build these Boxes according to the specifications of your shipment.

They may be:

  • Small Medium, Large or Giant,
  • One Unit, Tens, Hundreds or Thousands …

There are no limits.

Wooden Cages For Packaging


Wooden Cages For Packaging are effective in COSTS for shipments with more than 100 cubic feet of volume. I will supply you with australian online pokies real money.

The more volume, better cost benefits.

This type of boxes are ideal for items that do not require too much security, but an easy way to manipulate and stack one on top of the other.

Wood Platforms (Into containers)

These wooden platforms are built inside cargo containers of 20, 40 or more feet in length, you can add one or more floors inside it.

The platforms:

  • Maximize the use of available space within the container, which lowers the cost of transport.
  • They allow to load heavy articles like Photocopiers.

Wholesale Crates and Wood Carpentry


It is your best option in Industrial Packaging or Exporters and Wholesalers:

  • Wood Crates and Carpentry Services  in quantities greater than 5 units can reach very convenient prices.
  • Prices can improve even more than 50% of the unit price. Service in the client’s facilities or in ours.
  • This services is Available anywhere in the continental United States

Trade Show Wooden Crates


Show your products in Trade Fairs require Crates that last for multiple trips and that are able to withstand the rigors of transport.

These Crates are designed and built according to the specifications of your products and are tailored to your specific needs.

Participating in your next Fair will no longer be a nightmare.


 Customized Pallets


These are pallets or wooden bases of special measures NOT of COMMERCIAL dimentions, they are designed specifically for the measures, the weight and form that your boarding requires.

The wooden bases or pallets facilitate the manipulation of items that do not require crates or any other type of protection.

A single pallet or hundreds , Crating Express takes care.

Wooden Cradles

Wooden CRADLES are bases designed to stabilize objects of special shapes that can not travel safely on pallets.

Examples of shipments that require stabilization on a pallet or inside a box are:

Boats, Reels with Metal Cables, Metal Pipes, Heavy Industrial Parts, Aircraft Parts and Parts, etc.