Consultation and Help

What options of payment do you accept?

We accept checks from United States banks, credit cards, debit cards, international or national bank transfers and direct bank deposits.

How can i get contact with Crating Express?

  • Any time (24/7/365) by email :
  • Any Time through our Free Quotation page.
  • Any Time through our Contact page
  • By Phone : 786 547 6649

Does Crating Express have minimum for every orden?

No. Order what you need.

Do you give discounts for large quantity order?

Yes, we do!

If you order more than 2 units to be delivered in a one-time, discount applies.The price is substantially improved if you order more crates or your orders are recurring.

Will Crating Express charge me for quotes?

There are no charges for estimates requested  in our website or by email. We only ask that you have the measurements (length x width x height), a short goods descriptions and the weight (approx).

If you are within the city of Doral, FL, and need that we take the measurements, also we do not charge for that. We’ll set the schedule and we will be over there as soon as possible. If you are outside of Doral, FL, please contact us.

Do I have to pay to process my order? What charges will I pay for delivery?

No, there is no charge to process an order. 

There will be no charges for any delivery made to Zip Codes 33172,33178,33166 and 33126.

Other Zip Codes may apply a small charge for carrying the service, however the best way to have an exact quote is to include the zip code of the place where we will take the service in your quote order

Do you accept orders for same day delivery?

Yes, we can process orders for same day delivery if you have an emergency.

Please contact us.

Do you charge extra money for same day delivery?
No, we don’t, Crating Express provides a quality service at fair prices and just in time.
Hoy long do you take in delivering an order?
We generally arrive at the set time that’s arranged with the customer.
Do you provide samples of manufactured produts?
Yes, the first step is fill our free quotation form.
Do you charge sales taxes?
Not if you have a Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption.

Obtaining the certificate is easy, and you can do it online

When will i receive my invoice?
The same day of service or the following day. We will send it via email.
What does Doc Receipt mean?
The Doc Receipt (Signed for you or somebody in your address) is a proof that your order was delivered in the agreed conditions and you are totally satisfied with our service.
What are your Sales Terms and conditions?
A.- All sales are Final

B.- First time purchases must be PREPAID.

C.- After the first purchase , the sales are COD or Prepaid. The customer also can send the payment by mail at his earliest convenience.

Please read Terms & Conditions of our services.

What abaut RETURNS?
Since our services are CUSTOMIZED, we do not accept Returns, the customer must pay for the order placed.