Discounts of more than 50% in our already low prices, is it possible? Yes, yes it is, we team up with our clients’ staff, therefore it is crucial for us to keep costs low, as low as possible.

From our low prices, it is still possible to have even lower prices, how? please continue reading.

Crating Express: A Reliable Partner.

Cratingexpress is more than a Carpentry and Wood Packaging Service for Exporters, Wholesalers and all kinds of Users in South Florida, we are Fast throughout the service process, from delivering a FREE Quote Order to confirming the delivery of the order in time in the Customer’s Warehouse, all this without additional charges

We understand that costs are the variable that determines the success of a certain project. For this reason, we PROVIDE creative solutions to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of packaging that more than serves the need for Protection and Ease of Handling of a shipment.

On-time deliveries and same-day deliveries at NO additional charge, is another valuable advantage that we provide with each of our services

We are a Specialized Service, and we only use Treated Wood that meets the requirements of the ISPM 15 provision on wood packaging for international trade and we put the stamps that certify it WITHOUT Additional Charge.

What makes our prices low.

First: We don’t want to win the day in one order. In reality, in minimum price orders, sometimes we do not earn anything and what moves us is our vocation to serve.

Second: We, in home cleaning services serve customers throughout South Florida, every day, sometimes several times in the same day, that lowers costs and we pass them on to benefit our customers.

Third: We have been here since 2001 and we are here to stay, we like what we do and as the saying goes: We don’t win but we enjoy …

50% or more discount

The quantity makes discounts and affordable prices possible and they do not have to be a very many quantity, even an order of 2 crates, even if they are not the same size, they are discounted. How is this possible?

Take for example a measure crate that does not reach the minimum (55 cuft), the minimum price of one crate could well be the same as for two, and even more, if the order is 5 crates the price could still have more than 50% discount (In relation to the Minimum price).

It also works for all orders of 2 or more crates as long as the order allows to deliver all the crates in the same trip.

Discounts ARE REAL,  and we put it in writing.


Crating Express is a Reliable Service, We Provide Satisfactions and Multiple Advantages to our customers, we think that we are part of the supply chain and when it comes to COSTS, we go beyond limits and pass the savings on to our customers, why? we serve orders over and over all day every day …

In your next order, have a reliable partner: Creating Express.