Do you need to get that beautiful machine to another place?, another country for example?, the Encased with Wood is a Solution Specifically designed to get your Motorcycle to its destination, under what conditions?, what does it depend on if it arrives well? this article..



Benefits of Boxing with Wood.


Money Savings on Freight, especially air freight.

Companies specialized in Boxed with Wood design a box tailored to the motorcycle and that is a Great Advantage in terms of achieving significant savings in Freight, especially air freight.

Savings in the Quantity of Boxes.

Cratingexpress, provides Wood Crating Services whose prices are reduced if the quantity of crating is 2 or more, and with greater quantity the price is even LOWER.


Use a specialized company, they properly secure the motorcycle so that it does not roll from front to back or vice versa, inside the crate.

They will also take the necessary precautions so that the motorcycle is not left loose and hits the side walls of the crate.

ISPM15 Treated Wood for export to another country.

This is the best advice I can give you to avoid headaches when you have to export the motorcycle to another country: Use Treated Wood that complies with the Regulations of the International Provision ISPM 15 that regulates the use of wood packaging in International Trade Traffic. 

This is Another important benefit of hiring a company specialized in Wood Packaging, for example, Cratingexpress, only uses Treated wood that complies with the ISPM15 regulation, in addition the wood has to be stamped with the No of Certification of Use of Treated Wood. 

Cratingexpress does not charge any additional fees for the Use of Treated Wood or for the placement of the Certification Stamps for the use of Treated Wood.


Additionally, cratingexpress has Certificates of Use of Treated Wood available that some countries (Brazil, for example) require.


In your Motorcycle shipments, hire a Specialized company you will save Time, Money, Complications and your motorcycle will arrive at its destination as it was boxed.