Wholesale Wood Boxes or Bulk Packaging are the Low Cost Solution for any Wood Packaging need for quantities of 5 boxes or more Units.

The biggest benefit to shipping is the LOW COST of packaging.

What are Wholesale Wooden Boxes?

We call Wholesale Wooden Boxes the packaging with any type of Wooden Boxes but in quantities of 5 or more units.

They can all be different sizes or multiple sizes or one size and are always treated as Bulk Packaging if the order is to deliver them all on the same trip.

Also Recurring Orders of 5 or more units have the same Wholesale treatment.

The most used types of wooden boxes are: 

  • Closed Boxes
  • Wooden cages for packaging  
  • Reusable Boxes for Trade Show.
  • Pallets – Palletized Measurements and Special Shapes

Benefits of ordering Wholesale Packaging

The Main Benefit is the Low Cost of this type of packaging and with a greater number of units to deliver in the same trip, the cost is even lower…

  • The price can be 50% (or even less) of the unit price.

What does the wholesale wooden box service include?

The Wood Boxing Service can be done in our Warehouse or in the Client's Warehouse and includes:

    • Certified Wood for use in packaging for international shipments.
  • ISPM 15 stamp, 
  • Any other minor thing to do in order to complete the service.

Available: Certificates of Use of Treated Wood that meets the requirements of ISPM 15.

Other Packaging Options available for additional Protection.

  • Divisions and Compartments required by the Shipper.
  • Additional protection inside the boxes with:
    • Styrofoam,
    • Foam Plastic
    • Paperboard
    • wrapping paper
    • plastic bubbles,
    • Plastic Film (Stretch Wrap).
    • Anti-adherent paper (Special to protect Canvases with Oil Paintings).
    • etc. 
  • Immobilization of the shipment with the appropriate elements:
    • clamps.
    • Blocks with Wood
    • Nylon straps.
    • Steel or Plastic Strips, 
    • etc.

This service is available to be taken to all the contiguous States of the American Union.


Wholesale Wood Boxes and Packaging are an excellent LOW COST option for Protection, Transport and Storage of merchandise with a larger aggregate: The more quantity, the BETTER price.