It’s are not pallets of Commercial Measures, it’s are Pallets of Measures and Forms according to the requirements of a shipment of SINGULAR forms and characteristics by their Weight, Shape, Size,etc

What is a Pallet and what is Skid?

Pallet is a PLATFORM of Wooden Boards that rests on Slats and Cross Reinforcements in contact with the floor.

Customized Pallets
Skid is also a wooden board PLATFORM that rests in quarters WITHOUT Cross Reinforcements that make contact with the floor.
Wooden Skid 
Both Platforms are Portable and Easy Handling and storage.

Benefits of pallets and custom skids.

  • It is the most economical and versatile way of moving loads.
  • They are built to measure and weight requirements and forms of your shipment.
  • Facilitate the handling and storage of goods.
  • The Platform can be built with Wooden COTS that adopt the forms of your shipment.

Wooden Pallet Styles

  • Light: For loads less than 2000 pounds.
  • Heavy Duty: For loads of more than 2000 pounds.
  • Europeans: Measures in Centimeters accepted in Europe.
  • Commercial Measures: Generally 48x40 and 48x32.

Pallet Services Options

  • Custom pallet, by units or wholesale, check
  • Palletizing: It is to mount a shipment on the pallet and secure it so that it travels without moving.
  • Pelletizing: It is to disassemble a shipment from another pallet and mount it on a New Pallet and secure it so that it travels without moving.
  • Services in the customer’s Warehouse.

Use of Treated Wood ISPM15 on Pallets

The Pallets and Skids that will be used for the International Transport of Goods MUST be constructed with Treated Wood that meets the requirements of the ISPM 15 standard.

The goods on pallets that do not comply with the ISPM15 standard, run the risk of being returned to the port of shipment.


When it is necessary to transport loads of Measures, Singular Forms, and Relatively Large or Extra Large, of Little or Very Heavy Weight or of special shapes, Pallets and Custom Skids is an ECONOMICAL,intelligent solution.

Custom Pallets serve the purpose of Facilitating the handling of merchandise.