If your business has to do with elements of the supply chain, you will probably find valuable information in this article. From your reading you will refresh or inform yourself better of the following:

  • Transportation is not always careful.
  • The Wooden Packages provide important benefits in the supply chain, protecting and facilitating the handling of a shipment before, during and after transport.
  • What type of service is best suited to what you need to embark.
  • Etc


The satisfaction of a good job.

If you have ever needed to transport a valuable item, you will know how important it is to choose the right company to do the job. The last thing you want is to discover that the company you chose did not pay attention to the details and your shipment arrives in very bad condition. Why can it happen? Because the handling of shipments in Warehouses, the stowage and unloading of Delivery Trucks, in Freight Forwarders, in Ports and Airports is not very careful. Rather it is rigorously rough and if a shipment is not properly packed it can be spoiled … This is the main reason for using a Specialized Service in Wood Packaging. With knowledge of the details of the Transport Industry. In Crating Express We are more interested in the details that will protect your shipment and your specific needs (Including low costs that benefit your business). Our services cover the Miami area (Miami Dade and Broward counties) in South Florida, although we can take them anywhere within the Continental United States, check out www.homeconcierge.ie/. The packaging with the appropriate wooden box is one of the most important parts when it comes to protecting a shipment with valuable items or that require protection while facilitating its handling. There are a variety of designs that include plywood, boards (Closed Boxes) or boards only (Open Boxes or Cages). The boxes have the PURPOSE to FACILITATE the handling of your shipment as well as to ensure that you arrive at your destination in perfect conditions.


ISPM-15 Certified Wood Packages for international shipments..

You will be pleased to know that we follow Best Practices and industry standards when it comes to Packaging and Woodworking for export. Wood can be easily infected with pests, for that reason, if the packaging you use is not made with wood that complies with the requirements of the ISPM15 regulation, it could be rejected for transport or even not be admitted to the port of destination. which could be a tremendous headache and incalculable losses in time and money for you. While the use of Treated Wood is a legal requirement, it is something we are pleased to do to ensure a better world. The rules surrounding the ISPM-15 mean that wood must be treated before being used to contain anything that is to be transported from one country to another. Fumigation MUST be carried out, or thermal treatment instead. Once the Heat Treatment has been done at a level that will kill anything that could be dangerous, we stamp (Without Additional Charge) the seals that certify it, and this will not only reassure you, but will also ensure entry to countries who have concerns about the importation of pests. In extreme cases of detection of pests in shipments with untreated wood, the goods can be declared in Quarantine, or be returned to the country of origin, etc.

7 Most Used Wood Packaging Types


Boxes or Closed Drawers:

  • For General Use: When delicate and valuable items must be moved, this is the appropriate box. Since it is hermetically closed, it grants greater amount of protection than if it were placed in a normal cardboard box. Since there will be no part of the object exposed, it is less likely to be damaged or lost by some external action.
  • For Special Uses:
    • Antiques, Paintings, Candlesticks, Sculptures, etc:
      • They are boxes built to measure and according to the needs of the art in question.
      • The service INCLUDES the appropriate preparation for the trip before boxing, including Anti Adherent Paper, Packaging Paper, Cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.
      • We have available pick-up and delivery service for your works of art
  • For Photocopiers: Large and Heavy items like these should be placed in safe boxes.
  • For Electronic and High Technology Equipment.
  • For Industrial Equipment and Machinery.
  • For Medical Equipment.
  • For Granite, Marble or Similar Heavy Slabs

Wooden Cages For Packaging

This is an ideal way to move items that do not need security specifically but still need A Base to facilitate their handling and conditions to stack them on top of each other.

They are also designed specifically for the elements you want to move. Open Boxes are the most economical form of boxing for shipments of Volume greater than 150 cubic feet, more volume, better price.

Platforms and Carpentry with Wood inside Containers

In Crating Express we build in wooden platforms inside containers to accommodate two floors, photocopiers, golf carts, etc.

If you have quantities of items to transport, it will be beneficial to place them all inside a container. However, the problem here could be that some items are heavier and could damage smaller and lighter items if they are placed one on top of the other inside the container. To solve this problem, we build platforms and barriers inside the container and each element will be safe in its own space.

WHOLESALE BOXES or Industrial Packaging:

Any of our Packaging Services can be cataloged Wholesale Purchase in quantities of 5 or more units. (Crates Closed or Open, Platforms in Containers, Trade Show Crates, etc).

These services serve the purpose of Industrial and Commercial packaging as well as Storage, which require 5 or more boxes. The greater the quantity, the better price.

The main advantage is the prices. Some prices can reach 50% or more off the unit price.

Additionally, depending on certain conditions, we can take this service to any place within the American Union.

In Boxes or Industrial Wood Packaging, we are the best option !!!.

Boxes for Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

In Crating Express we build Boxes and Drawers for Commercial Fairs with the necessary details so that the useful life of the boxes extends over multiple trips.

Additionally, we design what is most appropriate for the convenience of the user of the boxes:

  • We put appropriate Wheels or Pallets.
  • We can install a ramp if the shipment requires it.
  • We use special hinges and locks for this type of boxes.
  • We have Internal Protection of the box with Styrofoam or the material that you prefer.
  • We can install Internal Divisions in the crate if the shipment requires it.

The construction of these boxes is really strong.

With our Boxes and Drawers for Trade Show, your next Trade Show will no longer be a nightmare !!!

Special Measures pallets.

These pallets are made of wood and measures and shapes that are NOT commercial. We can produce one unit or dozens of them according to the specifications and needs of the shipment.

The possibilities of using these pallets are multiple, check http://move-central.com they not only serve to Handle Goods, they can also take the form of the shipment, in addition to adapting them to the requirement of the WEIGHT.


Wooden Cradles To Immobilize Items of Particular Forms.

There are items that can not be transported safely only on a pallet and even if it is installed inside a wooden box.

A crib will help stabilize such items, which include:

  • Boats (To be transported inside Cargo Containers).,
  • Automotive parts.
  • Reels with Metal Cables.
  • Parts and Parts of Aircraft,
  • Etc.

The cradle is specially manufactured to adapt to the shape of the elements that must be accommodated, thus ensuring that the shipment does not move in the box or on a pallet and be damaged or cause damage to other shipments …


Taking into account the recommendations described can make your business successful and avoid the nightmare of hiring an inappropriate service or not knowing what to order … Do you have any comments, or do you need any clarification or guidance on wood packaging?