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Wooden Crates For Packaging in Miami


Crating Express provides Packaging and Carpentry Services with Certified Wood for Export in the Miami area, South of Florida.

Crating Express is Quality On Time Services at the Best Prices.

Main Benefits for your Business  


We understand the value of the time for export business, we work responsibly for deliveries on time and according to the requirements of your shipment. If your order is 1 or 200 crates, We will be on time.

The Cratingexpress Difference

Great SAVINGS are the Cratingexpress Difference.

Two or more of our products can have discounts of 50% +
Time is Gold, we take Time Delivery seriously.
We accept orders to deliver on the same day and you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY MORE for it.
That is the Cratingexpress Difference !.

Custom Designs

We produce Customized Wooden Crates. Additionally, we design the crate’s interiors that certain types of equipment require for proper protection before, during and after transportation.

If your shipment requires special attention due to its shape, weight or nature, you have reached the appropriate place


What are Saying our Customers

Impressed with the quality of the Platform in Container..

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Very Good Work and Very Accurate I liked it a lot. ..

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Thank you for your PROFESSIONAL Assistance …

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